Hospital Sector

Foster & Little Foster & Little mainly gather trainers and consultants who on the occasion during more than 10 years occupying of the functions of management in great Belgian and international entities.

On the basis of these various experiment, Foster & Little developed specific modules of formation for the hospital sector. With this intention, we also profited from the support of professionals of the sector.

The implementation of all the formations follows the same diagram: meeting of preparation with the administrative manager of the project of formation; meet with the various categories of participants; development of the formation on the basis of of the information collected and experiment of the trainers on the matter. The formation with pedagogy “to learn how to learn” makes it possible to offer directly directed solutions results. The formations are thus supported by real cases, encountered within the various environments, that the participants must evaluate and solve. In order to be integrated in the organization of the hospital institutions, the formations suggested are divided into several days.

Foster & Little offers in the hospital sector the following trainings:

  • Management of violent patients (Emergency Department), Training C.A.M.P
  • Effective method for the project management
  • Internal communication
  • Directing meetings
  • Directing and animating a team within the hospital
  • Welcoming patients and their close relatives
  • Management with no easy going patients
  • Change Management within the hospital

Our missions are conducted in French, Dutch, German and English and either within the hospital or not

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