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« This team is not doing well, “one often hears . But why? Without knowing the causes of the problem, we can not provide appropriate solutions. The doctor does not prescribe a cure if neither the patient has been examined nor without a deep analysis. That’s the point. Through a sharp questionnaire it will be possible to know not only the perception of the situation of all employees of the team (team, department, site …) but also the vision of the n +1 and finally that one of the members of the HR department .

The questionnaire includes 60 questions divided into 12 sections. These 60 questions are posed to employees and n +1. The 12 categories are:

  • Work organization
  • Communication in the team
  • Relationship with the team / n +1
  • Team meetings
  • The mission
  • Working conditions
  • Change
  • Performance review
  • Relationships within the team
  • Problem solving
  • Relationships with other entities
  • Remuneration

The Human Resources department will answer factual questions .

The questionnaire was developed with psychologists in the hospital sector, human resource managers, consultants and trainers and professional coaches. Different phases of βtest have been conducted on teams of entities within large groups or small cells in the commercial sector as in non profit sector.

They appear as a detailed report that not only indicates the level of potential crisis in the team, but also points out which ones we sould carefully pay attention at. Result is a series of recommendations as part of preventive or curative actions. Modules have been developed specifically for the hospital sector, public sector, industrial sector and services. Questions may in fact vary depending on the environment. Specific issues such as prevention of turnover can also be a specific analysis.

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