The Foster & Little certifications

To better serve its customers, Foster & Little decided to get registered with various recognized certification bodies and specialized in their respective sectors.

Foster & Little decided to become certified in the following areas :

  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Consultancy

Certification QFOR 

Foster & Little has been registered with the only organization recognized specifically in the area of ​​training that is Qfor. This certification is granted based on a satisfaction survey conducted by an independent body to clients of Foster & Little and based on a skills assessment of the company in various subjects.

At its last certification, Foster & Little received an overall rating of 97.6%.

In short :

  • Overall impression: 97.6% satisfaction
  • Running Training: 97.6%
  • Trainers: 97.6%
  • Contacts and followed: 87.6%


Foster & Little QFor Food is also approved allowing us to be recognized with the IFP, the counselor training with the food industry.
Sector companies receive a share of a guaranteed quality and other financial cuts more than substantial, according to training for workers from the CP 118 and 220.


Certification MBTI


Some of our employees are certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Level 1 & 2. This test developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and Katherine Cook Briggs, is a powerful tool for identifying dominant psychological individuals. It is very useful in business for all issues related to management. It can be used both to solve problems in interpersonal relationships to help decision making in terms of recruitment and career management.

Certification Disc

Some of our employees are certified DISC. DISC is a valuable tool for communication and understanding behavior. It allows everyone, through a questionnaire, to better understand how their own behavior can affect others. This is an extremely effective tool for both managers in terms of team management and for commercial or any persons to have contact with customers.

Certification Insights 

Some of our employees are certified Insights This model, like DISC, can recognize, also based on a questionnaire. Differences in behavior between people, and develop them, can be transcended men, teams and organizations. It is probably with DISC and MBTI one of the best tools available to enable individuals to understand each other better, both in terms of their personal style, how they communicate with others in their professional lives as in their private lives.

Foster & Little is partner of AC

Foster & Little is partner of AC (Accreditation Canada): Belgium, Frankrijk, Zwitserland, Monaco, Marokko, Algerije and Tunesië.”

Certification Prince 2

Some of our employees are certified Prince 2. This method was developed to manage projects of all types and all sizes. 2 clamp shall consider changing the project environment that may influence its success. It is divided into eight processes defined by the key input and output targets to be achieved and activities to be performed which makes understanding easy in training and then apply on the ground.

Certification ITIM

ITIM is the world expert in the field of national culture and organizational. Foster & Little offers customers the opportunity to increase their competitiveness by providing the knowledge and resources to establish a fruitful collaboration with people from different cultural backgrounds. ITIM certification is the assurance of training and advice in the field of culture and management. It helps therefore to increase the efficiency of those who work with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Coaching Certification :

Certification ICF

The majority of coaches are certified Foster & Little ICF. To obtain this internationally recognized certification, coaches must meet strict criteria (number of hours of training, practice and supervision) and commit to professional ethics in their various missions conducted with individuals as well as managers or leaders and that both the public and private sectors.
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