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The mission of Foster & Little

Values ​​Foster & Little

Only respect for individuals and their know-how guarantees the sustainability of a company.

  • that training is an essential pillar of development and the development of employees.
  • All our trainers and coaches assume an important responsibility by participating in corporate life through missions training and coaching
  • It is our responsibility to ensure that all participants strict confidentiality of what might be revealed to us in our mission
  • It is our duty to make every effort to help more ethics in business
  • It is also our responsibility to refuse or discontinue missions whose purpose, directly or indirectly, would violate the interests of individuals and the planet.
  • team through a knowledge sharing and implementing best practices, combined with recycling permanent guarantee the competence of the members of our company.
  • It is also our duty to take on missions through societal burdens of lessons to share our knowledge with future generations.

Jean-Louis Festeraerts | Founder & CEO

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