The purchasing department


The purchasing department is often caught in the crossfire. The internal customer expectations and constraints of suppliers. However, good communication has a positive effect on the internal climate and the overall picture of the purchasing department. Internal communication fulfills several functions, they exhibit (a situation, results), transmit (information, knowledge) to explain (a direction, a project).

See how good communication can meet the expectations of every member of staff regarding the purchasing department and how it is with our training “Purchasing Service: better communication within the company.”

Because it is part of everyday life, negotiation seems intuitive. But internal practising is the state of the art, it is a touch of psychology and a big dose of know how.

We offer you to be on your side when your issues are most important in this area, by negotiation training and individual coaching. See how this pragmatic program, “negociation applied to the purchasing”

Our purchasing trainings

  • Purchasing department : better communication within the company
  • Negociation applied to the purchasing

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